Rasterex's SDK "RxView360" consists of a groundbreaking viewing API, technical documentation and sample code. RxView360 is a true web viewer, enabling universal viewing of any file type from any location in any browser on any platform – providing a variety of features for viewing, measuring, zooming/panning/rotation, calibration, markup, annotation and file conversion.

RxView360 can be integrated or embedded into virtually any content or business management system to view-enable and offer annotation capabilities wherever you need.  Work with CAD, BIM, office and image files in their native formats, or convert to PDF for fast viewing, effective annotation and efficient data exchange.

RxView360 supports over 250 different file formats, including 2-D CAD, 3-D CAD, BIM, MS Office, PDF, images, scanned files, and more, and is designed to handle big and complex files for AEC, CAD and BIM professionals.


Click below to learn more about RxView360, including technical specifications, detailed features, pricing, licensing, integration, documentation, and free demos.


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