Windows software to view, print, markup, and convert hundreds of file types, including CAD, images (including scans), MS Office, PDF, and many others, in their native formats


Software to clean, edit, and modify scanned drawings in a CAD environment or in a Windows environment with optional automatic Raster-to-Vector conversion


A true universal viewing API using HTML5 that adds viewing and markup to web-based applications on any file in any platform on any device

Our Partners

For over 20 years we have served as the Authorized Distributor in the US and North America for Rasterex a.s, GTX Europe Ltd, & softelec gmbh, providing imaging software solutions for A/E/C, manufacturing, reprographics, engineering, oil and gas related industries, utilities, and government agencies.


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1108 Soldiers Field Drive, Sugar Land, Texas 77479, United States

+1 281 340 7515 (voice) | sales@cadaus.com | support@cadaus.com

We are located in the Greater Houston Area and serve the US and North America markets.

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